2012 Billabong Pipe Masters Trophy Surfboard Collaboration

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Wow, I am so honored that my photo is part of this amazing trophy board shaped by Jerry Lopez and hand painted by Phil Roberts.

“Living The Dream” Always in memory of Andy.


2012 Billabong pipe Masters Poster

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2012 Pipe Poster
So stoked to have my shot of Andy as this years Billabong Pipe Masters Poster! Thinking of this guy yesterday, TODAY and tomorrow.

Operation Smile update

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This has been an amazing experience. It’s been such a roller coaster of emotions here. Some children have to be turned away due to different reasons.Some who really need this surgery are sick and therefore cannot be operated on. It’s devastating to see their parents disappointment. You can’t help but wipe away a tear or two when a parent breaks down rejoicing because their child has been accepted. Hundreds flock to the hospital but only a little over a hundred will receive operations…this time. Today we were able to actually witness the miracles that these children and their families have been blessed by, to stand over and watch a child’s life be transformed by a somewhat simple surgery. Here are some of the photos.

A mother weeps at the news of her child’s acceptance
He’s in, too!
The group of kids we’ve been following
Witnessing the miracle
A little life changed forever…
Smile…pass it on!

Lima, Peru with Operation Smile and Team Sanuk

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Alek Parker with a beautiful candidate for cleft palate surgery

Ist day in Peru. Amazing, emotional day meeting the children who are being assessed for surgery. Beautiful children. Lots of amazing volunteers here. For more info on what’s going on down here, check out http://www.operationsmile.org/

Alek Parker, Torrey Meister and Matt Meola blowing bubbles with the kids. Lives are being changed here already.

Jack Johnson, Paula Fuga and John Cruz play at the Hawaii Theatre

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Stoked once again to be part of the photography team for Kokua Hawaii Foundation…got to see Jack Johnson, Paula Fuga and John Cruz jam together again but this time all acoustic at the Hawaii Theatre. Anyone lucky enough to be checking out the Maui show…you’re in for a great show! Proceeds from the concert and albums will benefit the Kokua Hawaii Foundation… go to http://www.kokuafestival.com to learn more.

Beach Rays Interview

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Beach Rays Interview

I had the opportunity to do an interview with Beach Rays before I left for Tavarua. Thank you, Beach Rays, for taking the time!

Volcom Pro 2012 highlights

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Cool shots from day 1 and 2 of the 2012 Volcom Pro contest at Pipeline

Flynn Novak upside down

Dave Wassel on a nice bomb

Super Moon of March 2011

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This is what I imagined the Lunar Eclipse would be similar to, but bright red…I forgot that this was a Super Moon…bigger and brighter than usual.